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How Our Process Works

The simple, hassle-free process behind the fastest-growing cost segregation firm in the United States. Built BY real estate investors, FOR real estate investors

Watch This First: What Is A Cost Segregation Study?

Not familiar with a cost segregation study? You’re not alone. Watch this interview between Remote Cost Seg co-founder Hayden Crabtree and our very own CPA and licensed general contractor Chad Brown breaking down the ins and outs of cost segregation studies: what they are, who they’re for, how they work…and the massive financial impact they can have for real estate investors like you.

Our Simple 3 Step Process

Step 1:
Initial Consultation (45min)

Schedule your confidential, 1-on-1 consult with one of our expert Cost Segregation Advisors to get clear on your investment situation, whether or not you and your property are qualified to take advantage of the maximum benefits a cost segregation study have to offer, and how much you are likely to save in taxes by completing a study. Most of our clients choose to move forwards with commissioning their cost segregation study at the end of this consultation.

Step 2:
Onboarding Zoom Call & Data Dump (60min)

Once you’ve commissioned your study, you’ll be scheduled for a single onboarding call with your Account Manager where we will gather all the remaining details we need about your property, and collect any and all relevant documents you may have that will help us complete our study. Our goal is for you to leave this call with 100% of the needed materials delivered to us (meaning no dreaded email back-and-forths and zero additional homework). Once you leave this call and we have the information we need, we’ll begin work on your study immediately.

Step 3:
Success Call & Report Delivery (15min)

Once your report is completed, we’ll hop on one last 15 minute success call where we’ll walk through your study, your final numbers and (most importantly) your final tax savings. We’ll answer any questions you have for us, and then deliver your report. Your CPA is welcome to attend this call with you as well.

We’re real estate investors too, and we know how busy things can get. That’s why we’ve designed our process from the ground up to make things as SIMPLE and STREAMLINED as possible for you.

Our Goal is for you to show up to 3 simple (and short) Zoom calls, answer some questions, and we handle everything else.

Your Total Time Investment: Less Than 3 Hours

Our average client sees a 12x return on their investment in Year 1 Tax Savings from our cost segregation studies.

What Do You Our average client sees a

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Our average client sees a 13x return on their investment in Year 1 Tax Savings from our cost segregation studies.

Nothing. You just schedule a call with us and we gather all the information we need, then you don’t have anything more to do besides waiting for the money you deserve.

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